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agree is a concurrent parse/generation engine, a .NET implementation of the DELPH-IN joint reference formalism (JRF) for natural language analysis.

July 21, 2014 Latest release snapshot is a single package which includes the ERG (English), GG (German), and JACY (Japanese) grammars as well as a smaller grammar of Thai and several test grammars, plus the agree libraries and an agree WPF executable program. Launch the program from the shortcut in the top directory to select a grammar. Most UI is available through right-clicking on the displayed entities. (60.1 MB)

This release can run any grammar authored in accordance with the DELPH-IN joint reference formalism (JRF).

Although there is still no documentation, several example grammars (as noted above) are provided. If providing your own JRF grammar, you can study the agree-XAML configuration files provided in the /configs directory. The larger grammars have two such files: a base grammar definition is nested within--and referenced by inclusion from--a workspace definition which contains application specific pipeline compositions.

Starting with a suitable copy of those agree-XAML configuration files, you can customize for your own grammar, and compose your own workflow pipelines. To bypass the startup screen and use your own agree-XAML configuration, modify the shortcut by appending the name of the agree-XAML configuration you wish to load.

Note that the CodePlex source code for agree is not yet updated to reflect this release. Please contact the author for inquiries regarding the latest source code.

July 26, 2013 A simple console demonstration app is also included, as well as a subset-snapshot of the English Resource Grammar trunk (ERG revision 13169) which supports this demonstration. If using Visual Studio 2012:
  1. Follow the instructions for downloading the source via 'Team Foundation Server'
  2. Build all
  3. Set the solution 'start-up project' to agree-console.
  4. Set the debugger directories (debug and release) in the agree-console project properties to the directory of your agree SVN trunk.
  5. Launch the demo
The demo parses the first 30 sentences from the hike corpus.

Note: for temporary experimentation with SVD analysis (only), the current trunk includes a copy of AlgLib ( which is licensed under the GPL 2+ open source research license.

July 19, 2013 The first source code release of agree is intended for early adopters who are familiar with C# development and who are interested in supporting the development of pre-release software. The basic engine and support library are included, allowing for programmatic use from .NET languages.

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