The agree system is implemented in C#. The system consists of the following .NET/CLI class libraries, each implemented as an independent assembly:
  • alib
General-purpose extensions to the Base Class Library (BCL) functionality which is provided by .NET/CLI. These utility classes and methods provide basic support that is not specifically related to agree's linguistic purpose.
  • agree-core
This library provides basic the basic runtime infrastructure to support agree's linguistic content. This includes dynamic property management, support for loading Xaml configurations, base classes for monads (bound stateful workers) and functors (unbound stateless transforms), and definitions for the agree primitive base type, IIdentity.
  • agree-sys
Core linguistic content of the agree system. This includes functor and/or monad definitions for the supported DELPH-IN processing activities, such as REPP, POS-tagging, token mapping, lexical filtering, morphological analysis, parsing, generation, parse selection, and more.
  • tsdb-core
Support library for reading the [incr tsdb()] database format.
  • alib-wpf
General-purpose WPF extensions and utilities which are not specifically related to agree's linguistic purpose.
  • agree-ui
Intended for mid-level UI abstractions which may be useful to non-WPF platforms, but currently dependent on WPF.
  • agree-wpf-util
agree-specific controls and visualizations for WPF.

The following client applications externally expose the functionality of the agree system:
  • agree
WPF client application #1
  • _agree
WPF client application #2 (deprecated)
  • ChartDebugger
Interactive step-mode generation chart debugger with breakpoint support (defunct?)

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